Runner Profile – Colin Jeffery

Runner Colin Jeffery

Welcome to our very first runner profile. It made sense for it to be me given my running journey inspired me to start this website.

Everyone’s running story is different, so we were keen to share both mine and other people’s with you. Hearing only from people who can run a marathon or a sub-20 minute 5k won’t inspire everyone. Similarly, for others, inspiration comes from those who persevered and ended up running an ultra. We are all different and showcasing these differences is important to us.

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NameColin Jeffery
Age Group40-45
ProfessionIceni Magazine CEO
When did you start running?January 2018
Why did you start running?My personal life had been rocked significantly and I needed to do something for me. I had moved back to London and had time to fill. Running was something that people had told me would be a great hobby for years, but I didn’t believe them. Even after I started, I didn’t feel the buzz that they described until I got into my own pace.
What’s been your biggest running-related achievement?Probably my first marathon – Yorkshire Marathon. My other half bought the entry to it for me as a Christmas present. Since starting running, I decided that I would run a marathon, but I didn’t ever think I’d actually be crossing the finish line until I did. 
What are your future running aims?I’d love to do an ultra marathon at some point and maybe a marathon abroad. A sub 4-hour marathon has been a continued aim of mine. 
What’s been your running high?Crossing the finish line of the Yorkshire marathon
What’s been your running low?Realising I was a couple of minutes over the 4-hour time I’d set myself – gutted!
Current running shoesOn Cloud X, Hoka One One Clifton Edge, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36.
Advice for a beginnerDon’t feel as though you have to stick to a beginner’s running programme. They don’t work for everyone. Be sure to have your gait analysed and invest in some decent shoes though. 

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